What is Melboss?

Melboss is a music hub and open marketplace for professionals. It connects artists and professionals of the industry through the use of its unique and professional services.

Examples of such services include:

  • Networking: events and courses designed for musicians and professionals of the industry.
  • Marketing: physical and online promotion for the artist or band.
  • Branding: personalized graphic materials, designs and coaching.
  • Mentoring services: one-on-one live sessions by video chat or messaging with a prestigious professional of the industry (producer, sound engineer, music journalist etc.)
  • Opportunities: Invitations to attend or perform at exclusive events and concerts,  and contest opportunities.
  • Analytics: Reports on activity, traffic and demographics.

By seeking out emerging and talented artists, Melboss works to achieve the musician’s goals and accelerate the development of their career.

What is Melboss
The music hub and an open marketplace that brings individuals in music into a collaborative community and provides opportunities for exposure and services to accelerate careers.

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