What is Melboss?

Melboss is a music hub and open marketplace for professionals. It connects artists and professionals of the industry through the use of its unique and professional services.

Examples of such services include:

  • Marketing: Melboss comes with a premium suite of services designed to help artists increase your fanbase, get more streams, and everything you need to take your career to the next level.
  • Mentoring: one-on-one live sessions by video or messaging with a prestigious professional of the industry (Grammy Award Winners Producers, Engineers, A&Rs, Managers and Music Supervisors, etc.)
  • Opportunities: Melboss provides artists the opportunity to partner with Brands, Labels, Management Agencies and World-class Mentors.

By seeking out emerging and talented artists, Melboss works to achieve the musician’s goals and accelerate the development of their career.

Melboss homepage
Melboss homepage

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