Adding Photos

Adding Photos Melboss Users can add photos to their profile by selecting the photos tab located below their biography and attaching their desired photos. After attaching the photos users will be redirected to a new page where they can enter titles and descriptions under each photo.  

Adding Files

Adding Files Melboss Users can upload files (press kits, interviews, newspaper articles, etc.) to their profile by selecting the files tab located below their biography, upload files and then attach their document with its title and short description.

Adding Songs

Adding Songs: Melboss Users can authorize Soundcloud or manually upload files to their profile. Connect with Souncloud¬† Allow Soundcloud App Import tracks Tracks imported   Local MP3 file Click on “Upload a file” button Select a local file from your computer. Users can upload only mp3 files, maximum size 8MB.

Complete Profile

Complete Profile: Once registered, Melboss Users can personalize their profile by uploading a profile picture and cover photo, filling out their personal information, such as date of birth and location, adding a biography and set of skills, connecting their social media sites and including a short description of what it […]

Account Types

Musicians and professionals can choose from one of the following 15 account profiles: Artist Producer Journalist Engineer Music Supervisor Manager Attorney A&R Publicist Music Publisher Booking Agent Venue Owner Promoter Photographer Videographer Users have complete and total access to all profiles, can search for anything and explore all public data […]

Sign Up

Musicians and professionals can use their email addresses to create a free account that will place them into a private network full of other aspiring and talented professionals of the music industry. After connecting and creating their account, users can then select their principal role in the music industry.

What is Melboss?

Melboss is a music hub and open marketplace for professionals. It connects artists and professionals of the industry through the use of its unique and professional services. Examples of such services include: Marketing: Melboss comes with a premium suite of services designed to help artists increase your fanbase, get more […]